VengeanceNote Flex - Miui v5 4.9.5

VengeanceFlex for the LG G Flex - d955 - Miui v5 - 4.9.5

This rom is based on Stock 10a 4.2.2 with

*Miui v5 4.9.5
*Knock On
*CuSettings (customize dpi & Home grid/size)
*Resizeable Widgets on MiuiHome


- Dailer keypad gets overlayed from softkeys if enabled.

You found a fix? Don't forget to share it ! You find my soruces on Github.
You found a bug? Also don't forget to report!

How to Install :

- If you are using Stock 4.4 downgrade to Stock 4.2.2.
- Root your device:
- Install recovery:
- Download the rom.
- Reboot into recovery.
- Wipe data, dalvik, cache
- Flash the rom
- Reboot
- Open market and download Google Installer :
- Install Playstore
- set up google account and download the other gapps on playstore











(Full rom)

(OTA Pack)

No more updates after 4.8.8 ?
-> Miui doenst support jb 4.2 after 4.8.8, so there won't be anymore miui updates. But i'll added UpdateMe, an updatetool where i will upload bug fixes if needed. Also i will add some more stuff to UpdateMe till we have a working recovery for 4.4 for new miui updates.

Will this work on my d950/d959/..
-> no. If you interesed in helping to get it work on your flex variant PM me.

Knock On doesn't work.
-> Download this app , now you can open the Hidden settings. Choose "Settings -> update Touch Firmware" after that Knock On should work.Don't touch anything else on the Hidden settings !

I've got a FC when someone is calling me / when i try to call someone from recent list
-> Please report if you got this, till then this bug is noticed as fixed for me.

The keyboard is to small.
-> you can resize the keyboard on the keyboard settings (its the g3 keyboard)

You can add XX Lg app ?
-> I will later add an App where you can choise some of them.

There is no Radio app ?
-> use spirit fm

Credits to :
-gtbluesky, to safe much time I decided after a while to use the parts he has already done for the g2 (framework is mostly the same).
- vertigo for testing and log sending

To be up to date with the latest build you have 4 other options:

1. Follow my thread on xda

2. Follow my thread on

3. Follow me on Twitter @Gerrett84 , i will now start to post there if an update is out !

4. On friday check