Xiaomi Mi Note 64GB Review

Since the first Mi device and my good old Samsung Note, I've been waiting for a Mi Note device. A half year ago I decided to test the RedMi Note 4g, only to try a Mi device, to see if a Mi device could be my Daily driver. And I was defently surprised about the quality of this low budget phone. As the Mi Note was announced, there wasn't any more any reason to not buy this device which I waited for so long.
The first think I did was to pre-order the Black Mi Note 16GB at ibuygou.com . But as I thought, at the beginning there won't be a black variant, so I changed my order to the white one, without a good feeling (I'm not a big fan of a white device). As I read that the Mi Note can't use a sdcard I changed again my order (16GB isn't enough for me).. So I finally got a white Mi Note 64GB.

I was surprised as i opened the box, its the first white device which I loved, I won't changed it against a black one when its out. I isn't my first note device (used the gflex before) but its the sexiest phone I ever had ;) You didn't only see the great build quality, you also feel it.

The box looks like on every Mi device, made of recycled paper with an AC/DC Adapter, USB Kabel and a Handbook.

The Device looks relay great, cause of the curved back, it fits great in my hand. Only the rear glass panel makes the device a bit slippery.
The curved back, the rear glass panel, the metal frame and the 2,5D effect along the Corning Glass 3 let this beautiful phone looks and feel like a high quality flagship device.
I'm using this device since ~3 weeks now, and often here something like "wow, whats that for an awesome device?" I'm pretty sure that some of my friends would buy it ,if it would be available Germany ;)

The slippery back isn't a big problem for me, cause I also ordered the Mi Flip Cover, which also have a great build quality, fits perfect to the Note and which also automatic lock and unlock the phone. I decently would recommend to use this Flip cover for the Note.
If you didn't use a Cover, you need to be careful cause of the slippery back.

I'm pretty happy that the Mi Note still have capacitive controls,cause I'm not a big fan of the onscreen controls.
On the left side you find the ejectable Sim try. You can add a micro and a nano Sim card. For sure, cause its a dual Sim phone you can add two sim cards, one mirco and one nano.
On the right side you find the Volume and Powers keys, made of metal.
The 3,5 audio jack is on the top left, at the bottom left you will find the usbport and the loudspeaker at the middle.
At the back is the 13MP Camera with dual-tone dual-flash.

If you want to know more about the specs you can take a look here:


As I said, I'm using this phone know for ~3 weeks, and its a great device. Till now I used the Stable ROM (6.13) and it runs great, I didn't had any issues. I'm using 2 Sim Cards

The Screen is sharp and have a high brightness level, and compare to my old LG G Flex ans Redmi Note 4g, the colors are looking great. (For sure, its 720p against 1080p ) At sunlight the display is still easy to read. The blue-reducing-mode works very well for me, and I often use the read mode, its a relief for my eyes .

There isn't much to say about the well known Cpu (Snapdragon 801, 2,5GHZ with Adreno 330GPU and 3GB ram) is snap. This device shouldn't have any problems with this spec's in the near future. There's no reason to have 64-bit support ATM.

The 3000mhA Battery is enough for one day for me. As I said, I'm using two Sim cards, Bluetooth and Wlan always on. I often use my phone, for calls,messages and browsing .(will add some screenshots). 1 day is enough for me, cause I always connect my devices at night to charge .

GPS is fast and works like it should, nothing more to say ;)

The Connectivity is nice, didn't have any connection issues. Only can't test LTE much, cause the most used LTE Band here in Germany isn't supported by the Mi Note. But the short time I've got a 4g connection it was fast like it should be :)

The Camera .. I didn't have much requirements at a smartphone camera. If I want to make a photo, I don't want to change any options, like ISO or something else, and I don't await a high professional photo if I make a fast shot. I only set the highest quality photos options and use touch to focus. I also use the new HDR auto option, and the photos which I did looks nice for me ;) Will adds some shots soon.

For me, the Mi Note is an awesome device, the device I've long waited for. Its great that Miui Didn't scretch all the content to the 5,7" display, you will see more content on your Note. And if you didnt like that,you are able to change that !Did this device need a spen and all these extra spen apps? I don't think so. I never used the spen on my note, i never missed a spen in my 6" LG glex, And I don't See any reason why the Mi Note should need it.
So if you search for a new Note device , which looks fantastic and don't care about a spen, then you should buy the Mi Note :)
But don't forget to buy a cover, you will need it ;)

Where to buy the Mi Note ? Ibuygou.com is my first choise, its a trusted Xiaomi store, so you can be sure that you won't get a fake device or malware added. Also they accept PayPal, and if you need some help, the support team is nice and fast :) I can recommend to choise this store.

Click here to buy : http://www.ibuygou.com/p-xiaomi-mi-note-qualcomm-snapdragon-801-2-5ghz-3...

Why didn't you upload some pics?
Sry, I moved and still have some issues with my Desktop and web provider. I wrote this review on my Note, will add some more words and pics/screenhots soon ;) Till then, I'm sure google will have some pics rdy ;)

Any questions? Feel free to ask !